ID-based access control makes the P-system more efficient with improved safety and lower overall costs for a faster and more convenient parking experience. The ID-based system enables contactless access via RFID or some other chip, and / or license plate recognition.


  • More convenient and quicker parking. Drive into the facility without the need to insert a ticket or credit card.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
    The maintenance costs reduction with a P-System with card reader is significant. We can guarantee that maintenance costs will be reduced by the use of new technologies.
  • Once registered customers will find a free space, when "random" customers may face a "FULL" sign.
  • The system is ideal for installations with many regular customers and tenants.
  • Automatic license place recognition in connection with a SKIDATA® parking system enables automatic barrier opening for registered customers.
  • The solution can also be used without a SKIDATA® link, for example in safety zones or reserved areas.