The rapid development in payment methods raises the standard for providers of parking services. While previously payment by coin was most common, bill and credit card payments and faster and simpler forms of payment in general have become the new standard.

SWARCO has developed the latest innovation in hands-free parking, open to integration of non-contact chips and license plate recognition – a solution that provides maximum flexibility for both customers and operators.

As a trendsetter and technology leader in parking solutions, we strongly focus on the ongoing development of our systems to ensure that the latest technology can always be implemented as soon as it is made available for the consumer market.


  • SWARCO has established a Nordic cooperation with NETS to develop new solutions in areas such as Chip and PIN, EMV approvals and e-receipt. This close collaboration helps give operators a sense of security by introducing new technologies and requirements for both current and future system solutions.
  • Through our innovative development SWARCO has created the latest solution in hands-free parking – SWAPPACCESS. It provides quick access to the car park and is ready for the integration of contactless cards and license plate recognition. A solution to provide flexibility for both customers and operators:
  • Payment by mobile phone using NFC (proximity communication) is expected to become the new digital currency. SWARCO parking solutions have already been prepared for this technology.